Here's what some of my clients sent in to say...

Before working with Emily, I was unsure about how and where to start. Emily helped me set my priorities and complete my goals one step at a time. I highly recommend Organized Mess! - Audrey M.

"Before Emily came to help me get organized, I was just overwhelmed and moving stuff around. Now, things actually fit in their spaces and make more sense. She also motivated and encouraged me. Since having her over, I have organized more on my own now." - Kari E

I cannot recommend these people enough! After 3 hours of hard work Emily left my room the cleanest and most organized it's ever been! I can easily find anything I need as she labeled and categorized everything. From my desk space to my book self to filing away some paperwork and receipts, Emily is the one to call. She is easy to work with and has ideas and intuition for any work space. Highly recommended! - Danny M