Services & Pricing

Organizing & Decluttering

Need help deciding what to toss and what to keep? Need help figuring out the best way to organize your space so that it functions well?

It doesn't matter what type of room or area you need organized, I will tackle almost any job you throw at me. A few areas I can tackle are below:

Kitchen, pantry, closets, bedrooms, living spaces, activity/craft rooms, home offices, garages, and MORE.

Packaged rates are below.

Need Moving Help?

Are you moving and in need of assistance with decluttering, downsizing, and packing?

Let me assist you in organizing your move so that it is the least stressful experience of your life!

Before the move: We will go through your belongings together to ensure that only the items you love and use are packed. 

Following the move, we will set up systems and unpack the boxes in your new home.

*I am not a moving and packing service. I'm here to make sure everything runs smoothly and to help you set up your home.

Virtual Organizing Done-For-You Planning

We'll meet virtually for an hour to discuss the project you'd like to work on. We'll come up with a strategy, and you will be provided with a written plan that includes step-by-step instructions for completing the project. And a shopping list to complete the project (if any are needed). This is ideal if you are having difficulty creating an organizing plan but are willing to implement it on your own.

*If you feel like you still need guidance the consultation price can be added to any package listed.

Virtual Organizing Consultation - $98

Virtual Organizing Coach

You've attempted to organize and declutter. 

However, something always arises or gets in the way. 

With a virtual organizing coach, you have the accountability to get stuff done!

We will meet once a week for four weeks. We will discuss your vision and goals for the space during our 60-minute sessions. We will begin working on some of the necessary tasks. And then plan out what your next steps should be. The next week we'll go over what you've accomplished and what you should do next.

This is ideal if you need one-on-one coaching as well as accountability to stay on track and complete tasks.

Our MISSION is to make every client happy with the PROGRESS that they 

have made in their ORGANIZING JOURNEY.

Standard Project

"I am organized but I have this one spot that I can't get under control."

This package includes:

8 hours divided into 2 sessions

Offered in-person or virtually

Personally planning your space 2 hours

Total: $480

Large Project

"I better get to these spaces before I am overrun with stuff."

This package includes:

16 hours divided into 4 sessions

Offered in-person or virtually

Personally planning your space 2 hours

Total: $880

Mega Project

"I don't know where to start and everything is so overwhelming."

This package includes:

24 hours divided into 6 sessions

Offered in-person or virtually

Personally planning your space 2 hours

Total: $1,200

If a project is completed with more hours left in the package, we will start another project.

During your in-home consultation, we will help you choose what package works best for you and your space.